Full-Moon-Rising Drum on Thursday!

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Aug 172016

Thursday (August 18, 2016) evening is the Full Moon Rising shortly before 9 PM! Big Summer full moon, which will be rising just around the same time as the sun is setting (only 12 minutes apart!). It will be cosmic energy at it’s best!  It’s drumming at the Spit, with wide open spaces, on a day with predicted 31 degrees high temperature.

Here are the official details:
2016-08-18 02:29 PDT Official Full Moon Time
2016-08-18 20:30 PDT Sunset
2016-08-18 20:42 PDT Moonrise

Come and be a part of the community celebration. Watch the full moon rise over Texada (or Hornby?) Island. Share a ride, come early. www.ComoxDrum.com


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